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NV Disaronno Amaretto Originale With Glass Gift Pack, Italy

Wine Notes

Ownership: Illva Saronno S.p.A.

Price Range of 750ml bottle, ex-tax in USD
Average: $25   From: $22   To: $34

Price History for NV Disaronno Amaretto Originale With Glass Gift Pack, Italy
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Grape Variety: Liqueur - Nut

Nut Liqueur is a member of the wider liqueur family. A wide variety of nuts or nut combinations may be used in nut liqueurs but almond (e.g. Amaretto), hazelnut (e.g. Frangelico) and walnut (e.g.Nocino) are the most traditional types used.

Nut liqueurs are typically created by crushing or crumbling nuts into small pieces then soaking them in the base spirit for an extended period.

Since nut liqueurs usually contain at least a few other ingredients, there is considerable crossover with other members of the liqueur family. Various spices may also be added to the nut fragments to add secondary characteristics.

Nut liqueurs are often served as part of an alcoholic coffee, in cocktails or on their own over ice.

Food matches include:
Europe: Honig brat Mandeln (honey-roasted almonds)
Americas: Walnut and apple bake ... more

Region Hierarchy
  • Italy

    Italy has a rich vinicultural heritage dating back more than two thousand years. Over the centuries the Greeks, Etruscans and Romans all played a significant role in the development of different wine styles, the way grapevines were grown, the evolution of winemaking traditions and the considerable changes in storage methods as wine moved from amphorae to bottle.

    Italian wines are made with the aim of partnering Italy's rich and varied cuisine; subtle flavors work in harmony with the food without making too bold a statement. As they say in Italy, wine should be non impegnativo, meaning it should not demand too much attention.

    There is no mistaking Italy on a map, with its long, boot-like shape. Famed for its huge diversity of terroirs, grape varieties and wine styles, Italy is third only to ... more

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