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Midleton Very Rare Whiskey, County Cork, Ireland

The 1991 vintage is not available for Midleton Very Rare Whiskey, County Cork, Ireland.
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Wine Notes

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Over all vintages, this was the 1616th most popular wine on Wine-Searcher last year.
Search rank last month: 447th

Grape Variety

Blended whisky is a blend of one or more whiskies, which may themselves be made from any combination of malted and unmalted grains.

Blended whiskies are generally cheaper and more accessible than single malt or single grain whiskies, but do not offer the individuality of a spirit distilled from a single product in a single place. On the other hand, they are also more malleable in terms of their style, allowing producers to create a consistent "house style".

Although blended whiskies are considered less exclusive than single malts, and therefore less likely to command high prices, some of world's best-known and most expensive whiskies are blends. The Johnnie Walker brand demonstrates this perfectly, with its Blue Label Whisky costing hundreds of ...more

  • Ireland is an island off the west coast of Britain, and is divided into two distinct parts: the Republic of Ireland, an independent state, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. The following description refers to the beverages produced in the Republic of Ireland.

    Wine is grown and produced in Ireland, although in limited quantities. Despite the unlikely climate, there are a handful of producers growing grapes and vinifying wine in the southern half of the country, most notably in County Cork and County Clare. The wines are largely sold to a local consumer base.

    Whiskey is the beverage more readily associated with Ireland. The question of whether Ireland or Scotland was the first to produce a spirit distilled from malted barley is still debated, although there is movement towards a general agreement that whisky was introduced by the Irish to the Scottish ...more

  • 'Rest of World' is a phrase rapidly becoming less and less meaningful (and less easily definable) with each year that passes in the modern wine world. Wine is now produced in more and more regions all over the world, and production volumes in established stalwarts such as France, Italy, Spain and Germany are steadily reducing. Long-dormant vineyard zones are being revived (in Georgia, for example) and new wine-bearing terroirs are being sought out in locations as far-flung as...more

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