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Loma Larga Cabernet Franc, Casablanca Valley, Chile

The 2006 vintage is not available for Loma Larga Cabernet Franc, Casablanca Valley, Chile.
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Wine Notes
Award Organization Award Year Result
Decanter World Wine Awards 2009 Bronze
Decanter World Wine Awards 2008 Commended
International Wine Challenge 2008 Silver
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Grape Variety: Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is a black-skinned French grape variety grown in most wine producing nations. The variety is most famously known as the third grape of Bordeaux and can be found in many of the world’s top Bordeaux blend wines. Cabernet Franc most commonly appears in blended red wines, where it adds herbaceous accents of tobacco and dark spice. 

As a varietal wine, Cabernet Franc is light to medium bodied and often shows vegetal characteristics, in particular green bell peppers. This has led many wine drinkers to incorrectly identify Cabernet Franc as unripe Cabernet Sauvignon, or even ... more

Region Hierarchy
  • Casablanca Valley wine region

    Casablanca Valley is a wine-growing region of Chile, located 60 miles (100km) north-west of the country's capital, Santiago. The east-west-oriented valley is roughly 19 miles (30km) long, stretching to the eastern border of the Valparaiso province. It is best known for its crisp white wines, most notably Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, which have gained it recognition as one of Chile's quality wine regions. Pinot Noir, which is responsive to the cooler climates found in this coastal area, is also grown with some success.

    ... more
  • Chile wine region

    Chile is one of South America's most important wine-producing countries. Occupying a thin strip down the western coast of the continent, it is home to a wide range of terroirs, leading some commentators to describe the country as a "winegrower's paradise". An equally wide range of wine styles are made here as a result, from the crisp, grassy ... more

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