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Il Poggione Sant'Antimo Vin Santo, Tuscany, Italy

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Grape Variety: Malvasia - Trebbiano

Malvasia and Trebbiano are two of Italy's most widely used grape names. They are names rather than varieties, as neither refers to just one single grape variety. Trebbiano (France's Ugni Blanc) has multiple sub-varieties, and its name is also used for Trebbiano di Soave and Trebbiano di Lugana, which are not Trebbiano at all, but synonyms of Verdicchio. When it comes to Malvasia, things get even more confusing, as the name is used for both red and white wine grapes.

White Malvasia and Trebbiano are found all over Italy, particularly in the center and north. Together, their most famous incarnation is Vin Santo, the amber-colored sweet passito wine made in ... more

Region Hierarchy
  • Vin Santo wine region

    Vin Santo ('Holy Wine') is the name given to the amber-hued straw wines traditionally from Tuscany, central Italy. The origins of the name are disputed, but most agree it comes from the time when these wines were used for Holy Communion. There are similar wines made in other Italian wine regions, and the vinsanto of Santorini is almost identical in both name and style, but the Tuscan hills retain a long-standing connection with these golden, intensely flavored wines.

    Tuscan vin santo is one of various types of 'straw wine' (vin de paille in French and strohwein in German). Straw wines are so named because they are traditionally made from grapes left to dry out on straw mats after harvest. The mats are placed in the warmest, driest part of the home (or winery) so the grapes gradually desiccate over the winter. This process concentrates the grapes' ... more

  • Tuscany wine region

    Tuscany (Toscana in Italian) is perhaps the most famous of all Italian wine regions. This fact has no doubt been perpetuated by the romance of the region's endless rolling hills and cypress-lined country roads, but it is nonetheless home to some of the world’s most prestigious wines.

    Situated in central Italy, Tuscany's neighbors are Emilia-Romagna to the north and ... more

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